Why Bars?

Buying bullion bars is an excellent strategy for
building wealth in the long term.

Bars are considered the most favorable form of bullion investment because it is :

Easy to Store
Satisfying to Hold

Because of their popularity & silver's investment potential, counterfeit bars are fast becoming common worldwide & especially in Malaysia.

Looks Real.. or Is it?

These counterfeit bars are indistinguishable from the real bars, even tricking the resellers. That means that you are not really sure if the bars you buy are authentic or not.

Plating Only

So, why risk it?

Only at Besure, not only do we order our bars directly from reputable mints, you would receive a comprehensive analysis report of every single bar you purchase.

1st Assurance Test:

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF) Analysis

The XRF Analysis is one of the most powerful measurement in non-destructive testing, widely used to in many industries.

The test would show you the surface component of the silver bar.

This test uses X-Radiation to ionize atoms on the surface of the bullion which results in the release of photons whose energy is characteristic of the atoms present.

A spectrometer results will show whether the tested surface is real silver or plating only.

2nd Assurance Test:

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM)

The Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is another extremely reliable test used to confirm the inner content of precious metals.

UTM measures the thickness of a metal based on the time taken by the ultrasound wave to travel through and return to the surface of the bullion.

"Ultrasonic waves travel through Silver at only a specific value of 3650 meter / seconds."

This means that the a real and authentic 99.9% silver bar would have a reading of 3650m/s. No more , no less

3rd Assurance Test:

Precise Weight Test

The simple weight test is carried out with analytical balances of the highest performance -repeatability and linearity performance that's 2x better than most balances in its class.

Zero Error

By using the Explorer® precision high capacity balances, we are able to measure the bar’s mass to razor-sharp precision and accuracy.

That means that if the scale registers a weight anything more than what it should weigh (after accounting for the standard deviation), there are impurities inside the silver bar.

There is no way for a fake gold/
silver bar to pass all our 3 tests

Our 3 tests are uniquely designed to test the silver bar’s outer surface, inner contents and weight to determine its authenticity.

A qualified “authentic” silver bar is one that passes the 3 tests without any questionable doubt.

Once verified real, the silver bar will come with the Besure™ Security Label. The results can be privately viewed online at our "Check" Page.

XRF Ultra-Sound Weight

Our in-house testing procedures are demonstrated below:

What about minted ingots packaged in original plastic sleeves?

Only at Besure, we have highly-specialised equipment to test silver bars even if they are packaged in thick plastic blisters or capsules.

1st Assurance Test:

Magnetic Field Analysis

The Magnetic Field Analysis is the best authenticity analysis system for packaged silver bars.

The ATS 300 utilizes the attractive magnetic properties of silver versus fake alloys. It measures relative permeability ( μr ) which is how a material responds to a magnetic field.

"Pure silver is diamagnetic, meaning it weakly repels magnets at a constant value"

Just a 5% content of paramagnetic metals inside a silver bar can be immediately detected and rejected.

This means that the a real and pure 99.9% silver bar would have a solid relative permeability of 0.99998μr.

2nd Assurance Test:

Electrical Conductivity Analysis

The Electrical Conductivity Analysis is the quickest way to scan for fake inserts in small to medium sized bars.

The ATS 3000 passes electrical current through to measure the electrical conductivity value of silver.

"Silver is the most conductive metal in existence"

A mere 1 % impurity will decrease this value and can be easily detected and rejected.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to mix metals inside the bar without decreasing this EC value.

Plastic sheaths? No Problem.

These two tests are specifically designed to authenticate silver bars even in their original packaging.

Within seconds, results are out.

That means that there is no need to remove the beautiful original packaging or send it to an expensive assayer/refiner for authenticity testing.

We got everything covered for you.

Electrical Conductivity Magnetic Properties

Only at Besure, we do not just PROMISE & GUARANTEE you the authenticity of our bars, we show & give you the proof, ALL FOR FREE with every purchase.

We undergo all these tests because we want to answer to the deepest and realest fears of all bullion investors of possibly buying fake silver.

In the end, the question that you have to ask yourself is:

"Why risk it?"

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