How do I know My Silver Bar is Real?
At Besure, all Cast Bars must undergo the 3 tests (X-ray, Ultra-Sound & Weight) and all minted ingots are tested by the 2 tests (the electromagnetic field and conductivity test). This means that all bars are intensely tested to be proven 100% real before earning the prestigious Besure Security Label. Therefore you can purchase with absolute assurance that you are buying the real thing.

You can type in your bar's unique serial number into our online database for more details on the verified test results.
Why do 3.11 Kilo (100 Oz) Silver Bars have no original Certificate Of Authenticity?
This is because the mint logo, purity, weight and material stamped on the bar itself serve as the “certificate” guaranteed by the Government of Canada or the JMI Assay Office. Their reputation, name and logo are the certificate of the bar’s authenticity. Thus, to the mints, it is meaningless to repeat and confirm the information shown on a bar, on a separate paper "certificate".

However, we understand that investors would always have that uneasy feeling that their bars might be counterfeited/not authentic. So, only at Besure, we provide free additional XRF Analysis and Ultrasound Thickness test to double-confirm the authenticity of every bar we sell to give our customers a piece of mind.
Why does the 3.11 Kilo (100 Oz) American Johnson Matthey Silver Bar have no Serial Number?
Only older, secondary market Johnson Matthey Silver Bars have a serial number. All new Johnson Matthey poured bars no longer have a serial number. The reason given by Johnson Matthey is that 100oz bars are not used in commodity markets such as the COMEX (which use 1000 ounce bars), hence serial numbers are not required.
What If Somebody Prints A Fake Security Label Which Looks Like Yours?
Besure’s Security Label utilized top secret micro printing technology that is often used in currency notes and bank cheques. Micro printing involves hidden small text in designs that is too small to read with the naked eye. Such small words are super difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce accurately with photocopiers, computer scanning or even printing presses. Therefore it is near impossible for one to recreate an exact same label to pass off a fake silver bar as ours.
What If Somebody Hacks into Your Site and Changes The Lab Results?
Besure’s website is heavily encrypted with industrial standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) used by credit card companies, banks and government agencies’ websites. By creating a heavily coded link everything we access, it ensures all data passed between web servers and browsers are protected from hidden hackers.
Is My Private Information Well-protected and Confidential?
At Besure, like our mission for authenticity, we value your privacy as our utmost priority. We never disclose private information to third parties under any circumstances and ensure our database stay private forever. Guarded by world-class 256-bit digital signature and VeriSign Trust Seal, you can be assured that no malware virus can attack us and you are safe to browse, to buy, to trust our website’s transactions.
When can I lock in prices with you?
With our automatic live spot price feed, our silver bar prices change by the minute. You can order 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Once ordered, prices will be locked in at the prevailing market for you. It cannot be changed as you have entered into a legal binding agreement with Besure.
For buy orders, full payment must be remitted 24 hours after the order is placed.
For large orders (RM5000 above), we may require that funds be on deposit with us before prices can be officially locked in for you.
What Is The Difference Between "Accumulated Bullion Discount" & Regular Volume Discounts?
A traditional volume discount applies to a single product type in a single transaction so only large orders enjoy volume discounts. The Accumulated Bullion Discount applies across all product types across your transactions.

Your title & discount privileges are permanent once reached!
What Purchases Contribute Towards The "boz" Balance Exactly?
The order must have a process status of “Awaiting Payment”, "Payment Received" or "Completed".
How Do I Check My Past Purchases & My boz?
Simply log into your account. Your title and order status is all available for viewing.
I Have A 400 boz Balance From Past Orders. I Want To Purchase A 100 Oz Bar. A 500 boz Balance Qualifies For A Discount. Would I Receive The Discount On This 100 oz Bar?
Yes, as soon as items are added to the shopping cart the added ounces are counted towards the .boz balance. Prices are automatically adjusted and discounts applied. Please note that discounts do not apply to past orders (ie: There is no retroactive discount applied to your past 300 oz order)
How much is shipping?
All our prices include FREE,delivery within Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak . If cleared funds are received by on the day of order, most orders are dispatched the very next day.
How are my goods sent?
All our packages are sent through PosLaju and require a signature on receipt. They are packaged in discreet, unbranded parcels and envelopes. Please note that packages are insured until signed for at delivery address, and we can accept no liability for items once signed for at work addresses or houses of multiple occupancy.
How will I know when my order is being delivered?
Click the "Login" link at the top of our site to check your orders status. An email with your tracking number will also be sent once your order is dispatched.
What happens if I am not at home to take delivery?
A card will be left by the courier so that you can rearrange delivery for another day or collect from your local sorting post office taking ID with you.
Do you ship outside the Malaysia / Can you deliver overseas?
At present, we only offer delivery exclusively in Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak & Sabah.
Do you have a storefront?
We operate as a distribution facility only to keep our costs low and pass the savings to our customers. All orders are shipped discreetly due to customer public safety & security reasons. No local cash-on-delivery(COD).
Do I have to provide identification to purchase from you?
If you pay by bank transfer, we do not normally need any further ID. We may however contact you to confirm some security details.
How will I know you have received my funds?
You will receive an email from us to confirm receipt of funds. Alternatively, simply log into your account to see the update.
What is the payment time-frame?
Full payment must always be made within the 24 hours of your order date after the confirmation price has been send to you via email.
If full payment for your locked order is not received after the 24 hour timeframe, you may be blacklisted and your account will be banned.
What If I locked in the prices for my order, but I cannot pay and want to cancel it?
Please note that you should only order with the very intention to buy and with the exact funds to back up your purchase. In the event of cancelation after locking in prices, volatile market fluctuations may bring huge losses to us. In view of extreme circumstances of your cashflow problems, we may extend the payment timeframe for you to fulfil your order.

If locked orders are eventually insisted to be cancelled, you will be blacklisted and your account will be banned forever.
Can I return my Silver Bars and get a refund?
Sales are Final and Non-refundable, however in extreme cases we will accept returns within 3 business days of receipt of package. Buyer will pay all return shipping costs and ensure products are of original condition. (However, this does not apply on a vendor shipping mistake - instead will cover the shipping costs with no questions asked)
Do you buy-back your products?
No. Let us explain why. Many dealers in Malaysia offer buybacks for their products, but they will only buy it back at 12% to 15% below what you've paid for. This means that you are losing out on quite a lot, when you are only getting 85% of the market value of your silver bar.

Think about how you will sell a Mac laptop which you won in a lucky draw. Which is the most profitable way? To someone who needs it, or to a tricky computer dealer?

What's more, with Besure’s lab-tested bars plus the hardcopy documentation, you can resell them with 100% confidence to anyone (your friends, relatives, or private investors online). You are in control of the price you wish to sell, instead of selling back to dealers who hugely undercut your prices.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage our clients to invest for the long-term, using capital which you can spare. As silver prices soar, more channels will appear for bullion exchange. This increased demand is what we are waiting for, so that your silver holdings can maximise their returns for you.

Finally, we adhere to a strict policy of only selling first-hand bars, directly from mint to our customers. How would you feel if we have sold you a second-hand dirty circulated bar?

Therefore, it is Besure’s decision to not offer a buyback program as of now. Please feel free to contact us through email for any enquiries.
Is there any tax on silver bars in Malaysia?
Under HS-code 7106 of World Customs Organization (WCO), importing & selling of silver bars into Malaysia is both completely tax-free.
On the other hand, silver coins are under HS-code 7118 and “is subjected to import duty of 5% and sale tax of 10%”.
Therefore it is a wiser choice to avoid this 15% import tax premium and stock up on cost-effective silver bars.
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