Besure is the only pure silver dealer to highly specialise in offering investment-grade silver bars
that are

Proven by Density, Ultrasound and X-ray Fluorescence Testing

Simplified Future Reselling with Certificates and Reports

Approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

By identifying only top-notch silver bars which possess such important investment attributes, we are driven to serve the long-term financial interests of our clients by ensuring authenticity & liquidity at all times.ONLY AT BESURE

we offer FREE Laboratory Authenticity-Analysis Reports for every purchase to double-confirm your silver bars' authenticity.

you can double-check the serial numbers of your authentic silver bars with our cutting-edge verification database for maximum assurance.

our certificates allow you to resell your bars at full value third parties effortlessly.


To deliver the most respected silver bars in the world authenticated by cutting-edge testing technology, for different investment needs.

Founded in 2011 Bulk Orders Imported Directly From World Mints
1500 Customers To Date Direct-Mail-To-Customer Business Model, Hence Lowest Cost
Over $2,000,000 of Silver Delivered Over The Last Two Years Distribution Channels in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei

About Besure FounderZachary Tan

The Fake Coin I Have Kept Until Today In the midst of 2008 financial crisis, with silver at its lows of USD$8, my father and I bought 1000 Silver China Pandas from a highly reputable Shanghai dealer during our business trip.

Less than 2 months later, we had the shock of our life when 89 of them turned black for no reason! After 2 trips back and forth Shanghai, not to mention all the reporting and quarrelling, we realized they were fakes and eventually got only 50% of our money.

Not only just in Shanghai, we have had similar experiences back here even in Malaysia.

Lesson learnt: Fake silver is a reality. It’s everywhere.

Traumatized yet inspired by this, I swore not only to deliver strictly real silver, but also to show people the evidence – and bars are the only way for easy authentication.

And this is how Besure was founded in 2011, with my approach to business & life: “Always show that you are genuine”.


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